About the Author- Don Reiman

Don Reiman has an enthusiasm for life. Whether he’s cycling, flying, whitewater rafting, or serving his financial customers. Don has learned to live life based on his own definition of success. In his professional life, Don is the founder and president of Echelon Group, an employee benefits and financial services company. Don is a native of Boise, Idaho and has thoroughly taken advantage of living in such a diverse area. Don regularly finds himself connecting to people wherever his adventures take him. He was raised in Boise, Idaho where he loves taking advantage of the wonderful outdoors. He often enjoys his adventures with his wife Mary. If he is not out exploring the backcountry of Idaho, you can find Don at many Boise State University events. Don believes in connecting with his community and has a philanthropic mindset when it comes to helping others. Don published his first book in January 2014, Reset: Harnessing Change, Fear, and Risk as Catalysts for an Extraordinary life. The book discusses his experience with redefining success and how it impacted his life and how it can help others. Don is enjoying life based on his own definition of success as he experiences a variety of challenges from his LEAP list. He has scoured the mountains hiking and has seen breathtaking landscapes by flying his plane through the backcountry. Interested in learning more about Don? Check out his book or contact us.

In the book you will learn how to:

  • Define your own success

  • Create a LEAP List of all the things you want to do in life

  • Embrace change to stay relevant in your career and in your social life

  • Risk Failure to experience greater success