Straight Shooter

Off to the Nevada desert for a four day defensive hand gun course at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute. The Front Sight complex is located between Las Vegas and Parumph, Nevada. If this isn’t the “middle of nowhere,” it is certainly a first cousin. This LEAP List adventure started out typical of many of the best experiences in life. They all start with the idea of doing something interesting, exciting and challenging. It doesn’t matter where the idea springs from. What matters is that you take action on it. “Hey, would you be interested in……..?” are the words that open the treasure chest of invaluable experiences. A friend approached me about this shooting school that his friends went to and had a great time. Learning firearm safety, shooting skills, and self-defense concepts sounded like a great experience. Next step was to Google Front Sight. Looking at the Front Site website turned my intrigue and curiosity turned into action. I found available dates for the Four Day Defensive Handgun course that matched available dates on my calendar. Putting the event on my calendar is a psychological commitment that shows I am committed. One of the primary factors of success for me is completing LEAP List adventures. Next was arranging all the logistics, airline reservation on South West Airlines, enrolling on the Front Sight website for the chosen course, rental car through Hertz, and motel reservations at the Saddle West Hotel Casino and RV Resort in Parumph, Nevada. Yes that is the correct name and spelling. Google it and you will see it truly exists. The resort tag on Saddle West is a stretch but there are not a lot of lodging options in Parumph. My friend that was planning on going with me ended up being scheduled for surgery and had to cancel. Not to be dissuaded from a good adventure I decided to take on the adventure alone. Front Sight provided a complete checklist of items required for the course. The learning started with gathering and purchasing the items. Once all the preparations are completed comes the hard part. Waiting and counting down the days to departure.