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Reset: Harnessing Change, Fear and Risk as Catalysts for an Extraordinary Life is a book written by Don Reiman of Boise Idaho. Being normal and living a great life are not mutually exclusive. It is a matter of moving beyond normal to the next level, and being great at living a balanced, fulfilling, and happy life. Our society idolizes the few blessed with exceptional intellectual, physical, or financial attributes. However, these site specimens of humanity seldom seem the happiest. You can’t buy happiness and success. Experiencing a great life isn’t about competing against others to have more money, property, and power. It is developing the habits of thinking, decision making, and actions that create success as you define it. Working to take yourself to another level physically, mentally, and spiritually that becomes an enduring motivator. Reset is not just something you read it’s something you do. Inside the pages of this book you will find the key you’ve been looking for to leap forward, make serious changes, and ultimately find the courage to be extraordinary.
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Author: Don Reiman

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