2015 Tahoe Trail on the courseThe LEAP list is one of four core concepts in RESET. I added mountain bike racing to my LEAP List for 2015 as a statement about age being relative to attitude. Since I am turning 60 in 2015 I decided to make a statement about age and take up mountain bike racing. Not the normal thing most people start at age 60 which is the point. Half way through the year I have completed 3 of the events I scheduled, Barking Spider Cross Country Race, Nine to Five endurance race, and the Tahoe Trail 100 another endurance race. The LEAP List acronym stands for Learning, Experience, Adventure, and Progress. I didn’t realize that venturing into mountain bike racing was going to include all four aspects.

Learning- I learned three things

  1. It takes a lot of time to train for racing.
  2. Racing is hard and hazardous.
  3. I DON’T LIKE racing!


All three events provided additional experience points in the areas of spills and thrills. Close calls and crashes are common occurrences when racing. It was exciting to be a part of the energy and excitement surrounding the races. I was able to meet and interact with some legends in the mountain bike racing world.
Adventure- The racing events completed so far involved traveling to three distinct locations. The desert hills at the base of the Owhyee Mountains, the forested slopes at Jug Mountain Resort south east of McCall, ID, and the spectacular Lake Tahoe.


I definitely made progress in more than one area. The training improved my riding ability and speed. I have set several personal records on more than one climb in the training routes. Another area of progress was to become better at identifying what type of activities I like and why I like them. The third are of progress was improving my decision making regarding keeping the balance in my life and being congruent with my long term goals.
Based on my I have experienced and learned I predict that my racing career is going to be very short. I have at least one more race, the Leadville 100, that I am committed to on  August 15, 2015. Adjusting the experience to fit my definition of success I will be participating in the Leadville 100 as an event not a race.

The pictures are from the Tahoe Trail 100 race at the North Star Resort new Lake Tahoe.

  1. Over 700 riders starting the race. I am in the blue and green jacket on left side of the frame.
  2. Tight cornering on a dusty section of single track.
  3. Crossing the finish line at 7 hours and 7 minutes for 64 miles and 7,600 of vertical.
  4. Mary and I in post finish photo. Her smile is bigger because she beat me by 10 minutes.

2015 Tahoe Trail 100 Start photo

2015 Tahoe Trail 100 Don and Mary post finish photo

2015 Tahoe Trail 100 Crossing the finish line


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