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Three I’s of Improvement Interference

The first three months of my 2015 Progress Pyramid reminded me about the challenges that surface whenever changes and habits for personal improvement are being made. Most goal interference falls under three categories labeled the “Three I’s of Improvement Interference.” Illness Injury Inconvenience The first month my Progress Pyramid habit was to exercise at least […]

Ride for Rachel

On February 21st, 2015 I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Boise Aeros House of Pain (HOP) training center. The Boise Aeros sponsored the event “Ride for Rachel,” a fundraiser to raise money to help Rachel pay for her physical therapy bills. Her medical insurance will only pay for 20 physical therapy visits and […]

Progress Pyramid 2015

Progress Pyramid is the concept of building a pyramid of new habits that allow you to make progress towards completing activities on your LEAP List. Attempting to make major changes without having a plan for incremental improvement is a recipe for failure. It is more effective to make a list of improvements and implement them […]