“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Reset: Harnessing Change, Fear, and Risk as Catalysts for an Extraordinary Life is not just a book you read, but is a book you act upon. In the book, Don will teach you how to create your own definition of success and from that definition create a LEAP list of all of the things you want to accomplish in your life.

Don’t let your wishes pass you by — turn them into goals! Tell us how you are going to RESET your life by leaving a comment. When you have accomplished your goal, come back and share your success story with us!

Take a few moments to share your thoughts on the book and tell us how you will RESET your life!


As 2014 has progressed, I looked back to the ‘Reset’ seminar and realized what a profound, positive effect it has had with my company and in particular my management team. I have noticed my need to manage has decreased as people have taken more initiative and responsibility for their jobs and actions. This has equated to a team atmosphere, increased efficiencies and, yes, greater profits. YEA!!!

I know this sounds like a lot to get out of a 4 hour seminar, but I can mentally see my guys becoming a unit at our meeting. Reset made my landscape supervisors feel like pros who are in charge of their lives. They realized that Power Enterprises was a vehicle for all of us to success both financially and also as a person depending on how they approached their job, time, and even family. Great stuff!

Thanks again! We will be taking the full day seminar next winter, Harry Martz, President, Power Enterprises Inc.
RESET Seminar