Three H’s of Being Interesting

speakingI recently attended the Schwab Impact Conference for work in Denver, Colorado. It provided the opportunity to listen to four fascinating people; with a little bit of luck, I was able to get a front row seat for all of the keynote speakers.

The four that fascinated me the most in descending order were President George W. Bush, Dr. Ben Bernanke, former Federal Reserve Chairman, Charles Best founder of, and Dan Heath bestselling author of Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Stick and Others Die.

All of the speakers were accomplished and successful people who shared thoughts about their past, present, and future. I listened intently to each speaker and I realized there were several common characteristics that made them interesting speakers.

1. Humility

2. Honesty

3. Humorous

Their presentations became memorable and easy to listen to because they shared personal stories. The stories allowed the audience to connect with them on an emotional level. Sitting close enough to make eye contact with each of them, I realized that they were normal people with extraordinary lives. Their stories made me realize that all of us need to continually challenge ourselves to make our lives interesting. Accepting the status quo makes life comfortable and easier. It doesn’t make life interesting. Changing the way we live creates a risk because we don’t know what the outcome will be, however, the mystery of the outcome, whether success or failure, is captivating and motivating. Either outcome provides us with the opportunity to be interesting and have stories to share.

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